Dragon Fruit Vietnam 500 grams/tray

Dragon Fruit Vietnam 500 grams/tray

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Thought to be native to Central America and Mexico, "pitaya" is the Spanish name for this fruit. Unopened flower buds are sometimes cooked and eaten as a vegetable. The plant is a vining terrestrial or epiphytic cactus that produces fleshy stems that can measure merely a few inches up to a whopping twenty feet long on mature plants.

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Description/Taste Oval to oblong and up to four inches long, dragon fruit may be red, peach-colored or yellow. This grapefruit-sized fruit actually grows on a climbing cactus. Its spongy pulp is white or sometimes pinkish red, sweet and juicy with numerous tiny edible black seeds scattered throughout. This big bright red fruit's thick skin presents prominent scales, or spines, giving it the appearance of an exotic oriental lantern. Seasons/Availability Dragon fruit is typically available throughout the year, sometimes gaping in winter. Applications Dragon fruit flesh is mild-flavored, soft and juicy, but will hold its shape when cut. Dice and add to fruit salads or desserts with other tropical fruits. Juice and combine with fresh fruit cocktails, leaving the seeds intact for a unique appearance. Puree dragon fruit flesh, combine with sugar and freeze into sorbets and sherbets. For the sweetest flavor wait until the spines on the skin dry up and the outside is deep red and soft before eating.

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